Suneboge was set up in 1975 as a charity providing shelter for homeless men. It has developed into a community with 35 residential places, 25 jobs for clients, and the support of a professional team.  Since 2000 it has opened its doors to women and couples as well as men, focusing on the aspects of care, social interaction, cultural entertainment, networking and administration.

Many of the household, workshop and garden duties are carried out by residents as well as by non-residents. Numerous discussions, the residents’ committee and house meetings help to foster a sense of partnership, involvement and shared responsibility.

Local government and private welfare, housing, support and fund-raising organizations in the city of Zürich have joined forces under the umbrella of the “Dach Netz”, whose regular meetings are organised and chaired by Suneboge, who consider this activity a vital part of their integration culture.

In 2001 they launched BogeKULTUR, whereby creative individuals volunteer to provide a varied programme of evening entertainment for people from the streets and shelters. Suneboge firmly believes that culture is not the sole preserve of the rich. For them, culture is a living connection with the streets, and an important tool for encouraging proactive involvement from the audience. They practise cultural networking with other shelters and services, leading to a number of initiatives, such as “sch-alk”, a theatre group, and “Kunstgarten” (Art Garden), which encourages creativity.
Gerechtigkeitsgasse 5, 8001 Zürich