How It Works

Two volunteers meet at 18.15 at the Hürlimann Bakery on the Gemeindestr. 36 by Hottingerplatz in Zürich (see Tour Plan). One of you has a car and drives for the evening. The other acts as helper. Goodies are picked up from Hürlimann and two other bakeries in the local area before 19.00.  You need to turn up with a good supply of clean, sturdy carrier bags, e.g. paper or plastic bags you get from Migros/Coop. You could, if you wish, also bring your own cheap plastic trays or collapsible crates – the sort from Jumbo or Ikea.

The two of you then drive to five charity places (see Tour Plan), in Niederdorf and on the other side of the river, and deliver the foodstuffs. They are centres which support children, families and individuals who don’t cope well on their own. The operation finishes in town at about 20.00.

Our volunteers tell us this is an enjoyable and worthwhile thing to do, a good way of reaching out into the local community. It isn’t too taxing, and involves as much or as little commitment as you can offer. It’s also a good way of widening your friendship circle, teaming up with different volunteers each time. Participants come from all walks of life, some volunteering their time after work, some coming into town especially to take part.

When you want to join in, check the Diary for spare slots and then email the Flying Croissant Organiser via the Contact Form

Let the organiser know:

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact phone numbers (including mobile)
  3. Which organisation you’re from
  4. The dates you’ll take part
  5. Whether you’ll drive your car or are coming along as helper

Log in on the Participants List with the password which will be sent to you, to get contact details of those who take part.

It’s helpful if you check the website the day you’ll be taking part for any last minute tour changes or information and then you’re ready to go!

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

We do our best to help the evening run smoothly. If you have any problems or comments, then let us know. We love to have feedback from you as to how you get on.

Thanks a million for coming forward. We hope you have fun!