Café Yucca

Café YUCCA is a well-established address in the heart of Zürich’s old town, and extends a warm welcome to anyone, young or old, male or female, who feels out of place in the neighbourhood’s trendy bars and restaurants. Some of the guests are alcohol or drug dependent, others have been hospitalised, are lonely or unemployed, or feel marginalized by society for other reasons.

The team at Café YUCCA provides guests with a peaceful environment, as well as the opportunity for human contact and conversation. Games such as chess, table football, and cards are on offer. Four days a week guests can take advantage of cheap evening meals.

Cafe Yucca is more than just a meeting place, in that it also provides information and advice in terms of mediation and networking services, arranging medical attention, finding a bed for the night for those living on the street, and practical support for those who struggle with institutions and officialdom.
Häringstrasse 20, 8001 Zürich