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Thank you very much for your interest in the Flying Croissant Project. The idea of this project is that left-over bakery goods, which would otherwise be wasted at the end of the day, are collected from small stores and bakeries and distributed to needy charitable organisations in Zürich. The Flying Croissant Project is committed to doing this weekly, on Thursday evenings.


Important News

1 Please be mindful to hand over the bakery goods only to the staff at the charitable institutions and not to individuals or those who congregate outside the establishments.

2 Please note that we were having trouble entering Häringstrasse (Café Yucca/Speak Out).  We were told that entering by car is forbidden between 7pm and 5am. Therefore I would recommend that Café Yucca & Speak Out be the first places to deliver so you are able to drive directly into the Häringstrasse before 19:00. If you arrive after 19:00 it is recommended that you park either in front of the Migros store at Mühlestrasse (take one left before Häringstrasse, Migros is on the right hand side after 100m, short-term parking is permitted there; walk right and you will come to Café Yucca) or at Schmidgasse (take Mühlestrasse and then turn right before Rudolf-Brun Bridge; walk up the little street and keep left and you will come to Café Yucca). Both options require 50m walk to Speak Out and another 50m walk to Café Yucca. You can easily continue the tour as described on the website afterwards.

3 It’s important to be on time when collecting from the bakeries as some of them are waiting to close after we arrive (in particular Konditorei Stocker). If for some reason you are delayed please give them a call en route.

4 EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! Konditorei Stocker will no longer supply bags to transport their bread nor pack it. Please bring plenty of bags/folding plastic crates and disposible gloves (food handling) with you.

5 The Flying Croissant needs Drivers for July and August! Please go to the Doodle link below to register:


6 Please note that there is heavy street construction work on parts of the FC route – especially to Schlupfhuus and there can be limited access to reach them. As with all street construction work, this can change on a day-to-day basis.

Signing up for the first time? Send your name, mobile number and email address to: flyingcroissant99@gmail.com

Thank you!

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